Introduction Call

This 15 minute initial conversation is free of charge and enables us to gain an understanding of where you are up to in your fertility journey. It provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and see if working with me is a good fit for you.

2 sessions with Sophia

2 x 45 minute sessions for $299. Getting caught up in the emotions of uncertainty right now will not help your fertility. If you want to get pregnant, you need to actively reduce stress in your life so you can conceive as quickly as possible.

Tailored Coaching Programs

Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP uses techniques to investigate the language of the mind, how we think and speak effects our behaviour, developed in the 1970’s.
Time Line Therapy  – used since 1986 works on our unconscious mind and looks at our own individual timeline of events to remove limiting beliefs, emotional trauma, unwanted thoughts and behaviours.

Hypnosis Sessions

45 mins – Implantation during your Natural Cycle, Embryo Transfer, Stress, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Peak Performance, Self Confidence, Phobias, Communication Enhancement, Motivation, Health and Fitness.

Science Centred Coaching Programs specifically tailored

Hypnotherapy - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Time Line Therapy ™