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The IVF Coaching Clinic was founded by Sophia Baseotto and the Coaching programs she has developed assist clients with the emotional aspects of their treatment. Sophia has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry with over 25 years of experience across all areas of IVF and Fertility treatments.

After speaking with over 10,000 clients, Sophia recognised that many people needed easy to use strategies to help them through a very difficult time emotionally.

Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy ™. Sophia combines over 25 years of Science together with modern Coaching Techniques to provide people with positive results and successful outcomes.

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Emotional support when you need it most

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If you are trying to get pregnant and experiencing difficulties, you already know how much of an emotional turbulence it can be.

Yet, when you decide to begin your fertility journey, you are making an incredible commitment to pursue a long awaited dream, to start a family.

At IVF London, we are equally committed to making your dream a reality and we achieve this through our philosophy of personalised care.  This approach ensures that everyone who comes to us for help not only receives comprehensive advice, evaluation and a world-class treatment program, but that they are supported at every stage by our dedicated team in order to deliver the very best outcome.

We understand that one of the most important elements when choosing a fertility clinic, is that you feel comfortable and at ease in the clinic and confident in the expertise of the specialists who will be supporting you.

IVF London is the first clinic in the UK offering Fertility Coaching to all our patients.

Rest assured that whatever your fertility needs, the team at IVF London are dedicated to ensuring that you receive a uniquely tailored and supportive approach throughout each stage of your journey to start a family.